How To Get More Likes on Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

So you’ve got your law firm’s Facebook page set up and you’re trying to build a following.

How do you get more likes on your Facebook page?

How do you differentiate yourself and attract people to follow you instead of your competitors?

In this post we will show you how to get more likes on your law firm’s Facebook Page:


Let’s face it – you’re in law. To most people that’s pretty boring. Why would anyone like a Facebook page that’s related to law?

They wouldn’t!

So the first question to ask is, “How do we make this boring subject appear interesting?”

Here’s a hint – you’ll continually be asking this question. It should always be in the back of your mind.

Your customers want content that solves their problems. They want to know how to go about getting a divorce, how much it costs to take someone to court over a dispute, how to sue someone for negligence etc.

You need to provide the answers to these questions but in a different way. You need to jazz it up, make it interesting and easy for your audience to digest.

Let’s say your family law firm provides divorce services. Now most of your customers won’t have a clue where to start with getting a divorce. Here are some of the questions they will have:

* where do I go to get a divorce?
* how much does a divorce cost?
* how long does a divorce take?
* what grounds can I divorce someone on?
* what makes a good divorce lawyer?
* how do we handle finances during a divorce?
* how does child custody work?
* what is child maintenance?
* how much should I be paying for child maintenance?
* how do I work out my child maintenance payments? etc

These are only a few of the questions your customers will have! Now here’s the question…

Have you got these answers on your website?

Have you answered these questions in a way that’s easy to understand? Blog, videos, infographics etc?

Wait! Aren’t we talking about how to get more likes on my Facebook page?

Yes we are, but this is the key to getting likes! You need to give them something of value. Their value comes from information that they can use in their lives.

The example above could be answered in so many ways. It could be a video series. What about an infographic that takes the customer through the divorce process with rough costings and time scales from start to finish?

Once you have created that interesting and valuable content, you can share it on Twitter.

If it’s good enough then people will start to retweet it and comment on it. This gives you more exposure. Once you get that exposure, then people will follow you.

But notice that it all starts with the content. If you don’t have content that’s good enough to be retweeted then you haven’t got good content. Work on the content. It’s your biggest asset when it comes to social media marketing for your law firm.


Which format gets the most engagement on social media?


A picture paints a thousand words. Images are quick, easy to digest, and they can provoke so much emotion.

You can type the words:

“Children are dying of hunger.”

Or you can show an image of thin, starving children next to a dried up well looking dejected and sad.

Which is more powerful?

The image.

Let’s get geeky. Did you know the brain has much more capacity to understand images than words? In fact your brain is able to comprehend images much quicker than words.

You’re a visual being. We love images. So why not use them?

You could use images in a number of ways:

* Tip of the day
* Quote from your Director or key staff members
* Emotional imagery to help people make a decision (e.g. divorce, domestic abuse, buying your first house etc)
* CSR initiatives
* Your travels – who you’re meeting in the business community, networking events etc

These are just a few examples, but if done right then you can quickly increase your Twitter followers.


Facebook has really worked hard to make video a major part of it’s experience. You may have noticed more and more videos populating your news feed.

Now there’s a difference between a link and a Facebook video.

Most of the time people would post a YouTube video. But this classes as a link. It’s a link to an external site (in this case, YouTube).

Facebook video is when you actually share a raw video on Facebook itself via the video function.

Facebook has an algorithm which promotes different types of content. Video gets promoted quite high up in people’s news feeds. Therefore if you’re sharing videos on Facebook, try not to share a YouTube link, but an actual video file from either your desktop or camera roll.


It’s called “social” media for a reason. Be social. Don’t just post out your content and not engage with people.

Now don’t say things like, “We’re solicitors. We’re supposed to be professional.”

Firstly, we’re not telling you to be unprofessional.

Secondly, you may be solicitors but you’re human. And whether you like it or not, your customers are human too.

Humanising your brand is they key to building trust, a social media following and sales.


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