Blog SEO Tips To Use Keywords in URL

Doesn’t it seem like there are 1,000,001 factors that go into calculating where your particular page is ranked in search engine results? Yeah, well, in a way that’s by design – if it were simple to rank at the top, everyone would be there, but we all know competition is high and search engines (read: Google) are doing their best to make sure ‘quality content’ is ranked higher than the junk.

Enter one of the 1,000,001 factors that are used to calculate a page’s relative rank in search engine results – is the keyword present in the URL?


I don’t think most people sit around thinking about the URL’s in their site; I know I don’t. But I also know mine are already default formatting to be optimal for search engines. There are two basic ways that most blog platforms use to format URL’s.

The two links above both point to the same page. Which one do you think provides more information to a search engine bot? Yeah, the ‘pretty’ permalink is longer, more tedious to type in or remember but it contains more information and tells search engine bots more about the content of the page. Most blogs provide the site owner with the choice of which type of URL to use by default. In my WordPress 3.1 platform, the setting is available on the Settings | Permalinks menu (see below).


What the heck is a long tail keyword you ask? Simple, it’s a fancy way of saying the keyword (phrase) has a lot of words in it. Think about it this way – the shorter the keyword the more likely the competition will be higher. Take an example:

Keyword: Cars

Searches Per Month: 45,500,000

Google Search returns 1,920,000,000 (that’s almost 2 BILLION pages). Do you think the competition in this keyword is high? Uh, yeah.

Keyword: Cars with over 400 horsepower

Searches Per Month: 58

Google search returns ‘only’ 51,900,000 pages for this search. The competition in this keyword is much lower, but the search term is also quite a bit more refined. This is also what’s known as a ‘niche’. I’m sure you’ve heard that term thrown around the blogosphere a time or two. The idea is to narrow your focus and to create content (and long tail URL’s) with more narrowly-defined keywords. These terms will have fewer searches performed but the likelihood of being ranked on the first page of results is much better for ‘everyday’ bloggers and smaller sites like you and I.

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