What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners? Avoid the Scams!

The question stands as a very legitimate one, and one that deserves to be answered.

I’ve been asked this so many times now I’ve lost count. So many times in fact that I decided to create a post about it so I can simply say go here…This link will break it down for you. Let’s face it, most of us out there have been on quite a journey to get here.


That was an important step and I’ll show you why shortly. First let me start by saying that I took relatively the same journey that most of you did. Broke. Needed extra money to pay the bills. Wanted an avenue that I could use….A vehicle if you will…That I could get on and it would take me to the magical formula that I’d been seeking.


But that in and of itself isn’t enough is it? No it’s not. There has to be a “channel” that when the hard work and determination are inserted that actually gets you somewhere. People break their backs every day and get nowhere. It’s one of the fallacies that we’ve been fed our entire lives. I can look to my father for a close example of that. Worked hard all his life and when he got a bit older…Well let’s just say that corporate companies tend to “find a reason”.

He almost lost his home during the housing crunch. He’d drained all of his savings.

Wait you’re telling me that this honest hard working tax paying American was about to be homeless? Yep.

His example is just one of literally thousands of individuals across the world. A light bulb went off in my head when I saw that. I made up my mind during that incredibly rough period of my father’s life to never allow myself into that situation.

Even though my journey to find this formula had begun years earlier selling telecommunications, cars, and everything in between, this new outlook had ignited a desire in my heart to get out! I knew I wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. I hated the rat race. Despised the innuendos.

I had to create the life that I wanted to see. I knew that. I wasn’t afraid of hard work and have never wanted a hand out. What could I do? I was broke. I didn’t have the money to invest in a “traditional” business. My credit wasn’t good enough to finance a pack of gum… So I went untraditional.

It’s the information age right? Nearly everyone it seems is on the internet. Even my aged pops I was speaking about earlier knows how to navigate his way through its sometimes murky depths.

I scoured the internet for what the best affiliate programs were. I was a bit startled at the sheer numbers. No…what I needed was a centralized “base” if you will, to work from.

A place where I could set up my websites and from there reach out to different affiliates. Then I would be able to effectively utilize all the tools at my disposal without having to sacrifice with a whole lot of down time. I couldn’t afford to. The bills were simply piling up too fast. My family was about to be on the street because I was so far behind on the rent.

That’s when circumstance led me to Wealthy Affiliate. Catchy name I know. No way this will be legit. Come on, Wealthy Affiliate? Seriously?

Stumbled is the right word. I had extensively searched and just happened upon a review that had been written. By the end the wheels in my brain were turning at a furious rate. If this could truly work…and this company was legit…I stood to earn a LOT of money.

Naaaaa….When the wheels begin to turn…there has to be something wrong with it. We all know the saying. Only as I began to dig further and further into it…Well…Here I am. I’m talking to you.

Know what I’m doing right now? Cooking dinner. Let’s face it, life doesn’t stop. There are bills to pay, mouths to feed. The rent lady still wants her rent even if you’re on the path to freedom. Lunch money still has to be paid to the little gambinos who come and stick you up with their lunch money racket.

It’s not a swift journey. It is a strategically advanced one. The time and money you invest in yourself with Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best money that you will spend anywhere I can think of. Unless you have an inside stock track the rest of the world doesn’t know about.

It is. They allow you to “test drive” their program. One of the reasons I was so high on it. 2 free websites that I can keep for life. No obligations. No credit cards (of which I had none). Nothing. Just come on in get to know your way around and start the training. Simple right? Involve yourself into the community and do a little more training. Paint by numbers…Hey I can do that.

While Wealthy Affiliate is free should you want to maintain that level of relationship (You can still make your websites a success), I strongly encourage anyone reading to invest in yourself. By committing to yourself you commit to the program. By committing to the program you are ensuring your success.

You read that correctly. Ensuring. How am I so certain that you are ensuring your success? I’m living proof. I took that step after much frustration and trying to do it on my own with no guidance. Not as easy a proposition as it sounds.

When I did take that next step an amazing thing began to happen. Not all at first mind you, but over a couple month span. My websites began to flourish. Traffic began to flow in at a steady rate. People were actually sharing what I was writing about! It was a very validating moment.

I literally haven’t looked back since. I have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort trying to help people avoid the traps that I fell into. Hopefully I have caught you in time.

At the bottom of this page is what I call my commitment link. When you click it, and I strongly urge you to do so, you are saying to yourself that you are going to be committed to your success. You desire for something better. I call those people Wayseers. Sometimes even Wayseers need a nudge in the right direction.

I’ll see you on the other side. Drop me a line when you get there. I’m always available to answer any questions you might have and help to get you off to a fast start on your websites.

Actually…I’ll find you….Seriously.

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