Grand Theft Auto V Redux Mod

The weather has been precisely crafted to deliver breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, as well as evening, night, and day. Each weather condition is meant to organically merge into the next to produce a visual that will steal your breath away.

Each weather condition is meant to organically merge into the next to produce a visual that will steal your breath away.

Grand Theft Auto V Redux Mod

– Simulated global lighting. – Perfection in terms of shadow cascades that span a broad variety of intensities and distances. – Magnificent tonemapping for both third and first person perspectives, courtesy to fresh new timecycle modifiers. – Fog has been decreased and re-configured to produce natural-looking, but revealing landscapes with just the right amount of atmosphere. – Lens artifacts were eliminated, as well as chromatic aberration, noise, and ambient blur, resulting in a crystal-clear picture. – To get that picture-perfect image, new motion blur, DOF, and bokeh effects have been introduced. – Volumetric lighting has been introduced to illuminate the space at all hours of the day. – Weather particle effects that are completely novel, such as air mist/fog, pollen particles, dust, and wind debris – Each body of water in the game has its own distinct direct light. Providing the most visually appealing water available! – Additional location-based timecycle tweaks to impart a distinct vibe to various locations of the city and countryside. – City light pollution at night is kept to a minimum. – One-of-a-kind cloud caps, cycles, and hues. – To achieve the proper balance, each weather condition was subjected to further color correction and postfx. – Completely redesigned hbao settings, including the elimination of strange light bubbles and other issues. – The coronas now have a new texture, thresholds, and exposure restrictions. – Increased and fine-tuned global reflections.

RESHADE+ENB is a combination of RESHADE and ENB.

There is only the very finest of ReShade accessible. Color correction, bloom, tone mapping, and more… 15+ ReShade settings to customize the game’s appearance!

Original Redux, Light Redux, The LUT, POV style ULTRA V1, ULTRA V2, ULTRA V3, ULTRA V4, ULTRA V5, ULTRA V6, ULTRA V7, ULTRA V8, ULTRA V9, ULTRA V10, ULTRA V11, ULTRA V12, ULTRA V13, ULTRA V14, ULTRA V15, ULTRA V16, ULTRA V17, ULTRA V18, ULTRA V19, ULTRA V20, Who is indigo? Filmic, rich and deep, dark and realistic, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Perfect color correction, bloom, tone mapping, and much more…

For individuals who are unable to run ReShade 2.0, previous versions of ReShade have alternate settings.

– Modified the sky’s intensity, the sun’s intensity and color, the visibility of stars and moons, chrome reflections, vehicle metal and glass reflections, wheel and rim reflections, and vehicle front and back light – all of which were accomplished by modifying the ENB external shader’s intensity, spot intensity, water reflections, and light sprites. A tutorial on how to use the available enb and reshade shaders to further personalize the appearance of your game.

TEXTURES GTA 5 now has amazing 4K textures that significantly enhance the game’s visuals.
– Photorealistic corporate textures for ads on billboards, commercial vehicles, trailers, bus stops, and taxis. – Interstates! – (mostly) All road textures have been replaced with custom normal and specular map textures. Damage to the road, crosswalks, sidewalks, curbs, and barriers are all covered. – A completely new texture for the damage overlay has been introduced. – All textures for ground trash have been improved, including pop bottles/cans, newspapers, and letter scraps. – Tracers, rubble, and other textures associated with devastation/weapons. – All-new vehicle-specific soil textures. – In all headlight textures, we’ve replaced the outdated and unsightly yellow light with more natural hues. – For big swaths of rural land, custom ground and rock. – Includes 4K textures of plants, trees, shrubs, grass, fire, explosions, particle effects, water, clouds, and a sky dome!


Beautiful graphic effects that contribute to the realistic sense of the game.

– The particle count for all associated effects has been boosted significantly. – The environment’s particle effects are now active. – On the ground, debris blows with natural power. – Leaves from trees, bushes, shrubs, and palms fall more steadily. – Trash trucks blow paper and rubbish more quickly and densely. – Water splash effects have been improved to provide a more realistic appearance. – Each tire and wheel effect has been fine-tuned and boosted. (blood, exhaustion, muck, dirst, dust, grass, exhaustion, etc.) – Completely distinct effects on the blood. Blood spurts entering and leaving the wound are larger. – Sped up and increased the distribution of blood animations. – All blood particles have been given a new tint to help them seem more realistic.


GTA 5 Redux is more than a graphical overhaul of the original game.

– ALL VEHICLES IN THE GAME NOW HAVE A COMPLETELY NEW HANDLE! (This includes, but is not limited to, helicopters, aircraft, and boats.) – Suspension and weight of the vehicle have been altered. – The maximum speed, gear ratios, and inertia of the drive have all been adjusted. – All damage and deformation thresholds have been increased to create incredible crashes. – Enhancements to the braking and drifting skills. – Increased friction and traction on a variety of surfaces. (Pavement, dirt, grass, and various wet/dry environments.) – The distance between the low and high beam headlights has been increased.

Law Enforcement System

– Completely rebuilt wanted system, which now includes a five-star military with tanks, a four-star FBI, and a three-star SWAT team, among others! – Dispatch has added new, formerly idle police enforcement cars to its fleet. (helicopters, military vehicles, tanks, as well as clandestine activities.) – Military officers and employees now have access to new strategies and talents, as well as more modern weapon loadouts and artificial intelligence capabilities. – Female policemen have been introduced to dispatch, along with previously unutilized character models.

Weapons, Melee, Explosions, and Damage

– A fresh new weapon recoil has been introduced to enhance weapon feedback. – Each weapon now fires at a rate of fire that is very similar to its real-world equivalent. – Increased weapon range and drop distance, as well as bullet velocity and drop distance that are more realistic. (It’s almost imperceptible, yet it’s great) – Enhancements to reload speeds, animations, and ammunition/clip sizes. – Bullets are now projectiles rather than instantaneous hits, which allows for a far greater lock-on distance. – All rockets will fly much farther and will not explode until they are within 800 meters of one another. – New weapon smoke, muzzle flash, and barrel trail effects have been introduced for both the player and the AI. – All aerial vehicles equipped with rocket launchers fire at a near-automatic pace. – Expansions now have a new blast radius that takes into account damage restrictions, shock wave distance, and power. – Improved melee combat enables foes to counter, take more damage, throw quicker punches, and dodge more successfully. – For all playable characters, punching is now 70% more common than kicking. – Both pedestrians and adversaries may now survive an increased number of gunshots! Shots from behind the back are no longer guaranteed to kill (unless head-shots). – Certain materials may now be shot through (thin wood, thin metal, plants, drywall, and plastics, for example).

Ai, Population, and Random Events in Pedestrian

– Completely rebuilt population levels with customizability. – A completely new pedestrian spawning mechanism has been designed, including story-arc individuals into the natural population. – On the streets, an increasing number of police officers have emerged to catch crooks! Maintain vigilance! – Variable population densities at various times of day and in various regions. – The sopawn cycles have been updated to include all dlc vehicles, as well as a whole new vehicle spawning algorithm. – Up to eight police vehicles and aircraft are currently scouring the city for AI offenders! – Unusual incidents and criminal behavior are far more prevalent. – Increased foot traffic in the scenario to invigorate the city! (for example, drinking, eating, walking dogs, running, hiking, and engaging in other sorts of physical exercise). – Each pedestrian reacts uniquely, and there is considerable variance. Reactions will vary according on the individual with whom you speak. – While driving, Ai has a unique method of dealing with vehicle accidents, blown tires, violence, damage, and death. Take in the jaw-dropping responses! – Trains are MUCH quicker now!

– THE GAME’S TWO VEHICLES feature all-new handling! (This includes, but is not limited to, planes, planes, and battleships.) – Suspension and weight of the vehicle have been altered. – The top speed, gear ratios, and driving inertia have all been adjusted. – Both the harm and deformation thresholds have been altered, resulting in incredible accidents. – Improved braking and drifting abilities. – Increased tire grip and stability on a variety of different surfaces. (Paving, gravel, trees, and wet/dry weather, to name a few.) – The lengths of the low and high beam headlights have been increased.

Physics, Euphoria, and Ragdoll

– All-new ragdoll and euphoric effects inspired by Grand Theft Auto IV, but with a twist – Bullet victims are now capable of genuine movement and reaction, grasping for damaged regions and tripping and falling as they should. – The bulk of the bullet force has been eliminated, resulting in a ragdoll fall that seems more realistic. – Falling peds are now attracted to any thing that may assist them in remaining upright. – The flag and cloth’s mechanics have been adjusted to help them move more smoothly. – Collisions between cars now operate normally; vehicles move and crash according to gravity and response principles. – To achieve realistic mobility, all plants’ wind physic response have been dramatically altered.


– Cash was replaced with leather wallets, and flashing was eliminated from all “pick-up” things (cash, wallets, all weapons, armor, and so on). – A player may fall from a wider distance before becoming ragdoll and receiving damage on contact. – Slightly enhanced player movement to enable more automated traversal of tiny items and ledges. – Plant density significantly enhanced.

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