Best Adsense Placement for Blogger /Blogspot Blogs to Generate Good Income

Best Adsense Placement for Blogger / Blogspot Blogs to Generate Good Income, Normally Adsense is a first and primary source to get Income for many Bloggers and there is a wide range of chances to earn without limit. The simple thing is creating a website and capturing the techniques of Ad Sense only is not a good way for getting the Money. It does not make any money also. You need to perform and have knowledge some important subjects to make some good range of amount from Google Adsense.

1. Placement of Ads at the right location:

The right placement of Ads will gives power to your income say. We can say it is sure. I made the same and got good result. By placing Ads at suitable locations you can get more views and no of clicks, it will improve CTR and obviously you can get more income.

My Tips

2. Point the Loading Time:

Loading Time Plays a key and lead role in your Blog Success story. Loading time as important on the process of Google Adsense and making money. If your blog is getting slow then you can able to watch that your Ads will load slowly within this time. This may happen when you are not concentrating in loading time!

If you located your Ads at the below publication title .So if your blogs doesn’t have any best loading time then you place your Ads at the below post title cause for less earnings.

3. Capture the Traffic:

Traffic is impact or making more money and More from Google AdSense. If you can engineer more traffic then you can get more, is sure thing to say. I may strongly say that More the Traffic and causes for More the More the money.

4. Setting the better Keywords:

The Google Ads are on the basis of the catchy keywords. . So if you have to place about targeted keywords then you can make something more than normally your earnings

Use Keyword planner to locate the keyword

5. Recognize the Traffic From US/Uk

The Traffic from US, U.k, Canada and Australia will gives energy to our Income is also a sure thing. I told already more the traffic causes for more the income. .In General CPC for US/Uk countries clicks is so greater then Indian CPC. So Get Targeted Traffic and improve and get stronger in those click to increase your Income.

6. Selection of Ad Units:

This is one more thing to be treated as an important . There you need to have to take care of. Good Selecting for Good Ad unit that may use and can provide help you to improve your money from Ad sense. And also provides number of clicks.

7. Place Ads between Blog Posts:

This will work is better. Remember to locating the Ads in between blog post will give sure energy to your income but be careful it may get some bad user experience.

8. Try to Use Maximum Number of Ad units:

You can use 5 banner Ads and 2 Text link Ads using Google Adsense. So I recommend you to use maximum Ad units to earn more.

9. Place Text Link Ad units below Menu Bar.

This will give Some perfect results placing Text link Ad units under the menu Bar will automatically provide some more number of Clicks.

10. Some More Tips:

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