4 Easy Steps to Mobile Marketing

Why is mobile marketing so important? Just look around! Everybody, everywhere is looking at their smartphones. Walking, shopping, dining – it seems like everyone has their smart phone in hand and at the ready.

So, what does mobile marketing involve? Depending on your type of business it’s usually a 4-step process. The first step is to create some type of mobile optimized webpage. This can be a full mobile website or you can set up different promotional mobile pages. This allows your users to be able to read your content, specials, videos, slideshows, etc. very easily without having to “pinch and twist” the screen on their smartphone. The mobile page is also a great way to let your users call you, email you, or even start a chat with one touch from their smartphone.

The second step is to get new custoners to visit your mobile site. Just like a desktop website, there are many ways to get mobile users to your site. One way is by using the traditional method of paid advertising to get new clients You would determine your most important service or product and then advertise that along with your location.

There are also some really fun ways that can get new clients to your mobile site. They can also help you build up a mobile list. One of these methods is to use a “mobile keyword”. Let’s say you’re a restaurant, and your mobile keyword is “eat”. Basically, you have tyour mobile users text “eat” to a mobile number. You can then offer them discounts or promotions if they join your list.

Another alternative is to use a Quick Response (QR) code. It’s basically the same principle as using the keyword, but it’s more visually engaging. You can also customize these QR codes with your branding to get the attention of your mobile users.

Once you start building your list, then you begin the third step of keeping your customers engaged in your business. For instance, let’s take the same example of the restaurant as above. Let’s say, you are having a really slow day, you can send a text to your list and tell them you are going to have a 25% off coupon on any entrée for the next 2 hours. This can be a great way to get customers in to your restaurant, so you have a booming day rather than a slow day.

Another great way to keep your clients engaged is to have contests. You can have your users visit a mobile page that lets them enter your contest for a free or highly-discounted product or service. In the same way as coupons, voting has proven to be a very effective way to keep your clients engaged in your business. For instance, voting for their favorite entrée or even just letting you know what specials they would like to receive from you. People love to express their ideas with a vote.

These are just a couple of the many ways to keep your customers coming back for more. Of course, in order to see which type of promotion is working the best, you need to track everything. That brings us to the fourth and all-important step of analytics. Without comprehensive analytics, you are really just guessing which program works and which ones do not. Be sure that you are getting the most of your marketing dollars in order to get the highest return on investment. Track everyone single campaign to see how many people are taking advantage of your coupons and specials. You don’t want to spend your valuable marketing dollars on promotions that aren’t working for you.

The mobile market is exploding. It is a very lucrative and fun way to start getting more customers for your business.
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