Making a Landing Page that Converts

There are two important aspects of a making a landing page that converts. The format and the sales copy. The format is how to make your page attractive to grab the visitor’s attention and compel them to read further and click through and the content is what to write about in order to put your reader in a buying mood by answering their questions and connecting with them.


Making an effective landing page is key when it comes to converting your readers into buyers. Sending your readers to a landing page instead of sending them directly to the merchant’s sales page is said to increase conversions. So what are the most important components of a landing page and how can your optimize them for maximum click-through-rate (CTR)?


This is the make or break component of your landing page because this is the part that has the power to lock or lose a reader’s interest. On an average, people will spend less than 10 seconds on a website before deciding whether or not they are going to spend any more time on it. This is also the part of your landing page that they will see first. So make it count. How so you do that?

1. Make it bold or use bigger font. You can use different colors in your sentence or underline words. Whatever you can do to make it stand out without screaming ‘tacky’.

2. Use three sentences in it each one with its own purpose. The first sentence is a question which is relevant to the issue you are addressing. The second sentence is a hypothetical ‘if you keep doing this, you can lose this’ kind of sentence and the third sentence will be a statement of what your landing page has to offer and how it will improve their situation.

Here is an example.


Once your headline does its job of arousing your reader’s curiosity, it is now on to the body of your landing page to educate them how the product you are promoting is the solution to their problem.

1. Many people focus on listing the features of a product but most people are interested in finding out how the product will help them. For example, instead of writing ‘This cream contains Coenzyme Q10 and Keratin’, you may grab the reader more by saying, ‘This cream contains Anti-ageing coenzymes and keratin which to improve firmness by almost 40%’.

2. Use bullet points instead of whole paragraphs. Enhance them by using check marks or other interesting graphics.

3. Include many pictures and if possible, videos that may be relevant.

4. Use many text link within your main paragraphs. These can be keywords, call to actions words like ‘Click here’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Find out more’ etc. Do not overdo it because it can kill the professional look of your site.

5. Break up blocks of text with ‘Call to action’ solo links. Solo links are like a heading with bigger font, maybe a different color, centered on the page, and first letter of each word capitalized. For example, ‘Click Here to Get a Sneak Peak of XYZ Product’.

6. Make sure to use a background color and font color that do people do not have to strain to read. The harder it is for people to read your page, the quicker they will lose interest.

7. Use a readable font like Arial or Time Ne Roman size 12 for the main text.

8. Steer clear form annoying flash banners and very huge banners on the top. The visitor should be able to see your headline as soon as they enter your page without having to scroll down.


The second aspect of making a landing page that converts it writing a killer sales copy. This is where you will connect with your reader on an emotional level and make them understand how much better their situation will be once they start using this product. This is where you will address their issues, put their doubts at rest and make them want this product badly. So how do you do that?

1. Most readers will connect to a landing page if it tells them a story and sounds sincere, if they can feel that you have been there and are speaking from experience. The best way to sound sincere? Be sincere. Till date, I have never promoted a product that I do not feel like buying myself.

2. In today’s day and age, people want things right now. So tell people they can access it instantly in the case of electronic products and if you are promoting physical products, tell them about fast shipping.

3. Offer proof of the product working, say your clickbank account, videos, testimonials.

4. Tell them how easy it is to understand and follow.

5. Tell them that this product is constantly updated and educated them about its customer service.

6. Compare it with other similar products and tell your readers why this product is better than that rest. Once again, don’t get into technical mumbo jumbo, talk in plain layman’s English.

7. Offer numbers. Show them how it will pay for itself by saving them on X or Y. Using numbers to put the cost in perspective can do wonders to convince people to buy.

8. Inform them that this product is only available online, create urgency by letting them know how high demand it is and that it may only be available at that price for a limited time.

9. Offer them a free trial period if available.

10. See if you can either make or find videos that show people how this product works and how anyone can learn it quickly

11. Set people’s doubts to ease by promoting only those products that have a money back guarantee.

12. Offer a bonus for buying through your link within a certain period of time.

13. Most important, use curiosity in your call to action links. For eg. ‘Did you know about the 5 things in your kitchen that can reduce your blood pressure in 3 days? Click here to find out what they are.’

Making a Landing Page can be challenging but knowing how to write an effective sales copy make it much easier and give your click through rates a boost. You do not have to use PPC to need a good landing page.

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