Make Money from ClickBank

If you’re wondering how to make money from ClickBank then you’re in luck. I’m going to share with you one of my methods as well as a real life example to help you understand. This will not be the usual boring “dog training” example. This is a real life method that you can copy yourself to make money from ClickBank quickly, easily and best of all, for free!

Intrigued? Ok here’s the deal. I’ll take you through this process on a small scale, but you have to think of ways of scaling it up. If I can show you how to make $22 in 20 minutes, then you can use that knowledge to make as much money as you like. Just be creative. A while back a friend asked me “how to make money from ClickBank?” This is the story of how I proved making money from ClickBank is easy.

Firstly, we had to pick a keyword. All internet searches start with the words people type in to the search engine. In order to make quick money you want to target a keyword that catches someone ready to make a purchase. Let’s use the acne niche as an example:

Person A types in “best acne treatment”

Person B types in “do I have acne”

Clearly, person A is much further along in their buying cycle and so targeting them is more likely to produce a sale. The competition is a little too high in this example for a quick sale so I found a less saturated market.

The keyword I found was ‘Xbox game copy software’. I knew people were searching this phrase as I had checked in the free google keyword tool. I also checked the ClickBank market place to find a product that would be of interest to people performing this search.

I asked my friend to write a short article using the keyword ‘Xbox game copy software’ in the title, introduction and conclusion and a few times in the main body. I told him to sell the benefits of using a product that copies games and to add a link to the product we had chosen at the bottom of the article. He then had to submit it to EzineArticles.

After a few days the article was approved and immediately it started to get traffic. The first sale rolled in within hours and 3 more sales followed over the coming weeks. $88 for 20 minutes work is pretty darn good for a first try. My friend was over the moon and I’m happy to report that he’s since become an internet marketing-aholic. He’s quit his boring desk job and we regularly meet for lunch on Mondays to discuss new ways of how to make money from ClickBank.

There is nothing stopping you from becoming one of the thousands of people who have ditched the rat race. Would you like to regularly pull large sums of cold hard cash straight from the internet in the comfort of your own home?

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