Ample Diversity Of Scanners At SGIA 2016

It was a pleasant surprise to see several nice flatbed scanners (and a roll-fed scanner) from ImageAccess of Germany, at SGIA 2016 in Las Vegas last week.


I was curious to see how many scanners are at Photokina 2016 the week after SGIA. So far we have found a modest booth of Cruse (but not with their big scanner). The booth of RENCAY has even more. But the old-fashioned flatbed scanners are almost nowhere to be seen any more.

At Tecnargilla 2016 (Rimini, Italy) Cruse scanner company has a booth.

Two of us from FLAAR will attend Tecnargilla 2016 and Sign Istanbul 2016. Three of us attended Glasstec 2016 in Duesseldorf. Presently three of us from are at Photokina 2016 in Cologne.

The DS 95 series scanners are available in a number of different variants:

  • There is a typical scan size of 50 μm x 50 μm x 5 μm for the DS 95-50 scanner. With a greater Z scan range of 15 μm, it can also be supplied.
  • There is a typical scan size of 200 μm x 200 μm x 15 μm for the DS 95-200 scanner. Regardless of the scan range, in the Z direction, all scanners have atomic resolution.

The AFM scanners operate in all common SPM modes, which are more specifically defined in the SPM mode overview.

In addition, all DS 95 E-scanners provide electrical features:

Possibility of attaching an external electrical measuring device, e.g. Kelvin Probe Force or resistance/capacitance measurements) and data logging, for example, through the controller’s external input.

STM mode service

Integrated tunnel current amplifier for small current measurement for STM or conductive AFM measurements (max. 10 nA, 16 Bit resolution = 0,3 pA)

For STM operation or lithography bias voltage generator

In order to remove the effect of hysteresis in the Z piezo, all scanners have a built-in linearization sensor. This will accurately quantify significant variations in the height of the sample surface, even though the scanner has only been adjusted with slight differences in height, and vice versa.

So in liquids such as water or alcohol, these scanners may also operate.

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