Desktop Scanners

Not much new in desktop scanners

Posted January 5, 2016

For Desktop scanners, for scanning slides and negatives, not much new and I do not expect much at Photokina 2016 this autumn.

Desktop Scanners

I will not attend CES or [email protected] since this is a Photokina year. PMA collapsed already several years ago. CES is worth attending but I have to attend SGI (aka Sign Middle East) in Dubai the same week.

I occasionally see roll-fed scanners at SGIA in the USA. These are not acceptable for giclee, since feeding can be iffy. You need a professional scanner for giclee, such as Cruse, or at least a Phase One system. The Italian competitor for Cruse is something we see, but only occasionally. Since we don’t have one, we can’t evaluate how it compares with Cruse or Phase One.

Most of what is new in “scanners” is in 3D scanners (which we cover on our 3D web site). We saw several interested technologies at SIGGRAPH 2015 and look forward to SIGGRAPH 2016 (if it is not same week as another expo that we also have to attend).

However realize that if on a budget, you can also scan into 3D using any normal DSLR camera. And you don’t need multiple cameras any more. Our 3D team does 3D scans with a single camera. You just need to understand and learn how to do it, and then use the appropriate software.

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