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FLAAR Bonus Reports

Every time if you order 2 series you get 2 bonus reports free. Simply send an e-mail to ReaderService@FLAAR.org stating that we owe you such-and-such Bonus Reports because you already purchased such-and-such Series.

If you ordered 3 series you get 3 bonus reports free.

If you order 4 series you get 4 bonus reports free.

If you order 5 FLAAR Report Series (or if you order the Enterprise Set) you get all bonus reports. *

Combo photo-giclee Set counts as 2 series.

Enterprise Set counts as 3 series.

Simply send an e-mail to info@FLAAR.org or ReaderService@FLAAR.org stating that we owe you such-and-such Bonus Reports because you already purchased such-and-such Series.

* NOTE: If you order four or more Series, you can consult directly with Dr Hellmuth by telephone. See the information on consulting on any FLAAR web site, or at the end of this report in the secion on consulting.

FLAAR will provide you with Nicholas's telephone number and suggested times he is available. You can fax or e-mail your questions in advance if you wish. You then get 30 minutes consultation via telephone. Or you can visit in person for an hour in Ohio or when Dr Hellmuth is at the other university in Guatemala.

If you wish additional hours, you can pre-pay at the rate of $300 per hour for consulting.

Bonus reports are free as soon as you have ordered two or more series.
Evaluation Mimaki JV4
Encad NovaJet 100i
Mac vs PC
Seybold 2002

A report by Tim Brown, BGSU + FLAAR
Our Mimaki JV4-160 Color Inkjet Plotter is located at the FLAAR facility at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). This location serves two purposes; it is a digital imaging research center and a large format digital imaging lab serving students and faculty on campus.

We first saw the Encad NovaJet 1000i over a several day period at PMA trade show. Two machines were present in the Kodak booth. The purpose of this brief commentary is to ask the key questions to really find out the status of this brand new printer.

By Brent Cavanaugh, Lab Manager, Large Format Digital Imaging Lab, BGSU. This brand new report is one of the few fully independent tests of PC with Mac operating system. Report on all the new wide format printers introduced at this tradeshow: HP 5500, three Roland Pro II printers and lots more.
Setup and Installation Canon ImagePROGRAF W8200 Analysis Canon ImagePROGRAF W8200 Setup Notes Canon W7250 Evaluation Canon W7250

Complete discussion of what you can expect if you order a pigmented ink 44 Canon printer, whether for signs, giclee, photography, or in-house corporate use. This FLAAR Report covers the initial reality of what it's like to have these printers actually available.

This is Canon's first pigmented ink wide format printer. It only became available in the USA in October, and FLAAR already has a report available on it. This printer is appropriate for signage, photos, giclee and fine art: it is multi-talented and fast, as well as easy to use.

A detailed explanation of what it is like to receive this dye-based ink 24 Canon printer into your home or company. Shows that you too could unpack and set up this printer on your own.

This printer can be used for proofs, comps, graphic design, CAD, GIS, and does outstanding color with any short term photographic display or signage.
Printing on Fabrics Determinig input needs Everything your Inkjet Printer can do  
An easy to read introduction to wide format printing on inkjet textiles such as silk, polyester, nylon, cotton and canvas.

This is a comprehensive discussion of how many pixels and what dpi each class of wide format printer actually needs. This is a PDF version of a published magazine article by Nicholas Hellmuth.

This is a PDF version of an article by Nicholas Hellmuth published in a magazine.  

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