We were so content with our initial UMAX PowerLook that two other professors got the PowerLook II on the basis of our recommendations. They liked that model, so when the PowerLook III came out, with twice the dpi, we were curious to see if it was twice as good as its cousins. Our first impression is positive

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The UMAX PowerLook III flatbed scanner is very good in ability and output.

The entire package of bundled software was too tempting to pass up. From general experience with computers we bought the maximum extended warranty, which is just one extra year past the automatic one year.

If you are going to scan at higher dpi, you will need storage to handle the larger files. Consider DVD-RAM as a better solution than the now obsolete Pinnacle Micro Apex 4.6 GB system. We have used DVD-RAM 5.2 GB disks for over a year and are very satisfied with its reliability.

Scanner Powerlook scaner
scanning textiles on a Umax powerlook III
Scanning textiles
Scanning Mayan Textile on a Powerlook scaner

Nowadays improved hardware and software make burning a CD quick and easy. We will review
CD-R and DVD-RAM equipment all over the FLAAR information network.

Why get double the dpi?

Last year's wide-format printers were 300 dpi, and averaged 36 inches wide. The same ENCAD printer today is 600 dpi already, and 60 inches or more in width. You cannot fill that size with an ordinary scanner. Using the entire scanning area we easily generated 300+ MB files that will blow up to 60x62 inches at 300 dpi, or even 50" width at 600 dpi. Mission accomplished.

The main reason for testing the UMAX PowerLook III was to ascertain whether a $3000 scanner (less at street price) can match the output of a $15,000 scanner and how close can the output of the UMAX come to that of the high-end $32,000+ flatbed scanners.

To see the initial enlargements of the indigenous Guatemalan textiles, click here.

Hopefully a Howtek, Screen, Scanview, Creo, AGFA, or comparable scanner can produce a superior image, but until we have one to test, we will work with the UMAX. 1200x2400 dpi is a healthy optical dpi. New improved flatbed SilverFast scanner software from LaserSoft is now available for all Umax models, Umax Mirage, Umax PowerLook II and III, www.silverfast.com.

Better have plenty of horsepower under the hood of your computer, aided with adequate RAM. You need a RAID system or DVD-RAM. If you invested in Pinnacle Micro Apex (4.6 GB) disks to handle your resulting images several years ago you should update to DVD-RAM. A CD burner is useful for storing images as well.

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Linotype hell saphir ultra 2
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Leaf, lumina scanner (review)
Color balance/color correction
Scan samples: jaguar, Maya textile, gold turtle, gun, stamps, beaver
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Sprintscan 120 for medium format film
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Scan 3D objects on a flatbed scanner (Linotype-Hell)
Scitex Eversmart
Umax Power look (capabilities)
Digital recording (coins , stamps)
4x5 transparency enlarged to 60x60 inches
6x6 transparencies on a flatbed scanner (sample)


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