The QMS 2060 series EX and FX can print up to 26 inches long by 13 inches high, all at 1200 dpi graphics quality. You can even tweak the lines per inch (lpi) to get superlative grayscale fidelity.

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What printer can you use to handle photographs 24 inches long and a foot high?

QMS print
Above is a black-and-white photograph printed with a QMS 2060 printer.

This unusual photograph is called a circumferential rollout. It takes a sophisticated camera to rotate the round pre-Columbian vase to create the flat image of the round surface. The FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology Center has three of these cameras. Two use 70mm film; one does direct digital imagery. The digital rollout camera was developed by Michael Collette of Better Light.

The technology that produces these unusual turntable photographs is pictured and described mainly in other other web site, Other information is on the present site.

These photographs are long, and a normal Lexmark or HP laser cannot handle more than 11x17. Although the QMS ruler shows 13 inches, that is the side measurement; the length of this photo is actually over 17 inches. The QMS can do 13 x 26 inches, and at 1200 dpi. The dpi on the Lexmark is simulated, and primarily for text, not for graphics and especially not for photographs. We know, we also review Lexmark printers and tested an HP for four months while Visiting Professor at Japan's National Museum of Ethnology.

The QMS 2060 series of printers can be outfitted with a copier/scanner attachment. This allows you to scan-to-print, that is, to scan directly to the printer.

To see the full grayscale capability of the QMS 2060 monochrome laser printer, click here. QMS printers are available nationwide from Publishing Perfection, 1 (800) 810-1617,

gateway to information on the capabilities of the QMS printers for high quality photo printing.

qms 2060 ex hammerhead


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