We liked the potential for erasing scratches and other defects found on most slides. Current models are the Nikon CoolScan III and Super CoolScan 2000

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We started out with the Nikon LS-1000, liked this more than the Polaroid or Microtek, so moved up to the Nikon LS-2000 slide scanner when that came available.

Nikon LS-2000
Nikon LS-2000 slide scanner and installation software

Be sure to obtain SilverFast scanning software. It may not come with the scanner or even be available from the same company where you bought the scanner, but don't let that bother you. Buy the scanner wherever you wish (we recommend CDW, www.cdw.com). Then buy your SilverFast scanner software from LaserSoft Imaging, www.silverfast.com

Here is the Nikon LS-2000, in our test center in Essen, Germany.

All the photos on all four of our web sites are all scanned with a Nikon scanner, either this or our previous LS-1000.

We are content with Nikon 35mm slide scanners. We move around a lot from one office to another and can report it survived quite well being driven from St Louis into the wilderness of the Missouri Ozark Mountains. The scanner has two transport locks; one steadfastly refused to lock, but the other seems to have been enough.

This scanner has also survived transatlantic airplane rides (which smashed even equipment made of heavy metal).

Nikon also makes a film scanner for 4x5 format, which we review on www.flatbed-scanner-reviews.org. For scanning your 4x5 size chromes, however, we recommend the Imacon as by far the best buy for the money. If you are using 4x5 format you do not want a scanner that is built with technology of several years ago.

All objects (3D objects) and all flat images (photos, magazines, etc.) In our web sites are scanned with a Linotype-Hell Saphir Ultra 2.

All kinds of choices exist for 35mm slide scanners: Polaroid SprintScan, CanoScan, Olympus ES-1-, Minolta Dimage, and Microtek Artixscan AS4000. The older model Microtek failed; the Polaroid 35mm SprintScanLE was not good enough quality. The Polaroid Spring Scan Plus failed one or our CO-testers and the Polaroid 4x5 scanner failed to meet the satisfaction of anyone in our test center. We have tried out two Nikon scanners and find them good for enlarging up to 24 inches (on a wide-format Encad NovaJet Pro 300 dpi printer).

silverfast software

On the subject of recommendations, you might like to try out SilverFast scanning software. SilverFast is taking over the consumer level scanning software market rather suddenly. To obtain information of whether SilverFast is available for your make or model of scanner, take a look at www.SilverFast.com

For larger format scanners, LinoColor is the choice of professionals, followed by Binuscan and other software. Creo scanner software turns out to be as powerful as LinoColor and I find the Creo scanner easier to use. Binuscan does not do well in reviews especially when compared to the superior and easier to use SilverFast. Umax software is okay, but now that SilverFast is available for Umax I prefer to work with SilverFast. Actually I use SilverFast on my Heidelberg scanner as well.

If you wish a tip on a reliable place to purchase any major brand of 35mm slide scanner (Nikon, Polaroid, etc.) We recommend CDW. CDW stocks over 40,000 items for computers
and digital imaging.

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