In addition to the Better Light digital rollout camera, FLAAR also has two other rollout cameras which use 70mm film. The quality of these 70mm rollout systems is awesome. Here is an enlargement, over 14 feet long!

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A rollout camera precise enough to produce a 14 foot long rollout of a Maya vase

Try to get a sharp picture with everything moving (in opposite directions to each other, film versus the rotating object). AGFA makes 70mm film, both in B+W and also in color.

maya vase rollout photography (jpeg)

Max Holzheu examinig rollout photo (jpeg)

People who came to the '98 annual Maya symposium get a treat with such displays. Max Holzheu came from Guatemala, Sue (in red) came from North Carolina, and Andrea (at the back) came from Germany.

Do you want to do your own rollout photography?

We have more rollout cameras than we can use and would like to see one of our 70mm systems put to better use elsewhere.

Who can print such an unusual size?

You can do it yourself digitally if you have a Hewlett-Packard DesignJet wide format ink jet printer. They print on rolls of photographic paper up to 100 feet long. If you have 70mm film, then you can have a long print made at Custom Photo Images, 1387-85 W. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33486, Tel (561) 361-0031, fax (561) 361-0494.

How many rollout cameras can produce quality at this size! This print is one piece of photo paper and stretches longer than two full tables, so we had to hold it up to display it.

This particular print comes from one of our two different 70mm film cameras. One uses 15 foot rolls; the other uses full 100 foot rolls of film. AGFA makes both black and white as well as color film in 70mm.

The vase is circa A.D. 730-820. Its hieroglyphic text mentions the site of Tikal towards the end of its lengthy Primary Standard Sequence. Photography permission courtesy of the Museo Popol Vuh, Universidad Francisco Marroquin. FLAAR has an office on the campus which is dedicated to large format digital imaging (check out see another rollout printed on a QMS 2060 FX laser printer, also from the Museo Popol Vuh.

If you need information specifically on a black-and-white laser printer that can economically print a rollout of a Maya vase at photo-realistic museum-exhibit quality (in B+W), the GCC laser can do it, indeed can render a print of a rollout of a Maya vase enlarged up to 35 inches long (at 800 or 600 dpi for that length), 13 inches tall. With this enlargement you can exhibit the rollouts as well as study every pertinent detail of the brush strokes or phonetic details of the hieroglyphic inscriptions. Contact for information on GCC is available on

Rollout photography
Circumferential photograph of a Maya vase

polychrome Maya vase rollouts on a new site,

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